First Team Broadcasting

Why Videocasts?

Our vision is a future where the majority of collegiate, high school and organizational athletic endeavors are brought in living color into individual homes for free via the internet. Live videocasting allows this to occur by connecting fans from disperse geographic locations with their favorite teams, players and organizations. Why wait for a major sports network to come to your school or organization when First Team Broadcasting (FTB) provides high quality, completely integrated solutions that bring network like broadcasting quality into your home for free.

For a minute fraction of the cost of establishing a campus television or radio station, live videocasting through FTB allows schools and organizations to reach a larger fan, parent, and alumni base, increasing exposure for both the organization and the athlete. Parents are able to follow their children from every and anywhere; alumni can stay up-to-date with their school’s success; fans can track the progress of their favorite player or team; and college coaches can recruit blossoming high school stars from the other side of the country without even attending a game. Live videocasting connects the trials and tribulations of athletics with those who most appreciate them.