First Team Broadcasting

The FTB Advantage

Student Involvement

FTB works with students at your school to give them a hands-on experience they can't find anywhere else. Student participation is an essential element of FTB. Here are several ways we involve your students:

Broadcasting Training:

Our archiving capabilities allow FTB to record student’s broadcasts; provide real-time advice and suggestions that enable students to constantly improve their broadcasting abilities. Game broadcasts materials are available for students upon completion of the broadcast and can be used to help pursue other broadcasting endeavors.

Marketing and Advertising:

FTB gives students experience promoting their school athletics while developing marketing and advertising skills. We strive to have underwriters for all of our sports broadcasts. Those underwriters are local businesses and organizations that your students work with to provide financial support for the broadcasts in exchange for online and on-air advertisements. We work with the students to pitch underwriting to businesses, create a custom advertising package for each client, and produce the ads for the final broadcasts. The advertisements sold by your students means more revenue for your athletic department and increased support from the community through local businesses.

Production Training:

FTB trains students in windows media encoder, adobe flash media encoder 3, and audio and video editing tools to produce and air applicable game stories. We provide hands on experience in software that is similar to what professional television and radio stations use. FTB’s on call staff is available to answer production questions and ensure that student produced material is of the FTB high quality. In addition, upon request, FTB can provide production consulting services and training to allow member institutions, and their students, to take their broadcast to the next level by integrating multiple camera angles and effects.

Available Services

FTB provides our member institutions a wide range of customizable solutions tailored to fit their exact broadcasting needs. These services include:

Intelligent Web Broadcasting Solutions:

Specialized Video and Audio Web Broadcasts across Adobe Flash, Windows Media, and various video and audio production tools and platforms

FTB Coast-to-Coast:

A video and audio broadcast platform that connects fans with their teams around the world on most mobile platforms, including the IPhone/IPod/IPad, Blackberry, and Android phones

FTB Connect:

A telephone based audio broadcast connecting fans with their teams around the world

Online & In-Person Training and Game Monitoring Services:

FTB provides online and in person training for all of its services, including technical and broadcaster training, and has dedicated professional game monitors for all of its clients' broadcasts

Athletic Commentary & Analysis:

FTB provides award winning broadcasters and writers for freelance work across Professional, Collegiate, and High School athletics